I am a developmental cognitive neuroscientist currently carrying out postdoctoral research in the Adolescent Research Collaborative at the University of California, Berkeley with Dr. Ron Dahl. We are working on the translation of basic research on how puberty impacts learning into applications for the classroom and educational practices.

My current project, Transitions, involves the design, implementation and evaluation of a school-based curricula to foster responsible and positive use of digital media, particularly in relation to sleep and well-being. We are working with young adolescents in the transition between primary and secondary school in Perú.

I originally trained as an MD in the National Autonomous University of México, followed by an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and then a PhD in Experimental Psychology studying adolescent cognitive development in University College London. My PhD focused on how motivation interacts with cognitive control, our ability to keep necessary information “in mind” and use it to appropriately guide and control behavior.  I investigated how this interaction changes between adolescence and adulthood with behavioral and neuroimaging techniques, under the supervision of Dr Iroise Dumontheil and Dr Ruud Custers. My postgraduate education was generously supported by CONACYT.